In recent years the Diocese of Gary has invested significant resources to begin repairing and upgrading the facilities and grounds at Camp Lawrence. In a desire driven by the Synod, Bishop Donald Hying had responded to better utilize this beautiful 120-acre property for a wide variety of diocesan groups—youth, schools, parishes, leadership teams and ecclesial movements.

In the process of this work, natural gas leaks and other extensive utility issues were discovered. Due to the age and condition of the piping, simple repairs would not suffice. Out of the concern for the safety of our youth and other retreatants who use the property, Bishop Hying has canceled all scheduled events until this essential work is finished. This includes the 2019 CYO summer camps.

Some may argue or disagree with the timing of the decision, and why this was not done sooner. The fact of the matter is, the gas leaks must be addressed now. Waiting is not an option and second guessing does not help. 

We apologize for the inconvenience that this decision causes, but the safety of all those who use the grounds and facilities must be paramount. 

Bishop Hying has assured CYO that these needed utility repairs and upgrades will make the grounds safer and allow for other needed improvements. This sacrifice of one camp season is necessary to ensure the safety and betterment of Camp Lawrence for all future campers, as well as the other groups who use these facilities year-round.
This closure for this year also allows the CYO leadership an opportunity to reimagine and strategize a plan that make future camps and other programs even more effective, popular and inspiring. The Bishop has committed personnel resources to help with this endeavor.

The CYO agrees and stands behind Bishop Hying's decision and have offered its assistance to assure this project is achieved.  If anyone would like to volunteer their time or expertise or donate funds to assist with this effort, please contact Paul Wengel CYO office (219-736-8931) or Michael Wick at the Pastoral Center (219-769-9292). 

We look forward to seeing everyone for the 2020 camp season!


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