Being a Camp Staff member is one of the most grueling job positions you will ever hold. Your day starts early and ends late. Twenty four hours a day you are responsible for the health, well-being and happiness of your campers. You wake up the campers in the morning, supervise them as they prepare for the day and clean the cabin, you eat, play sports, swim, hike, campout, make arts and crafts projects, pray and participate in every other aspect of the day with your campers. You are like a big sister or brother, a surrogate Mom or Dad, a friend, supervisor, disciplinarian, confidant, hero and more to the campers.
Is this a a lot? YES
Can it be done? OF COURSE
Is it worth while? UNDOUBTEDLY
As generations of Camp Lawrence Staff have discovered, being a part of this special family can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You pour yourself out night and day for the campers but when you look back on the summer realize that you received far more than you gave. You gain life skills that will always be with you wherever your personal life and career take you. Friendships are made with fellow staff members that last a lifetime. You learn more deeply who you are as a person and grow spiritually.
Are you interested? For more information on being a member of the Camp Lawrence Staff CLICK HERE!

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