Thank you for your interest in working at CYO Camp Lawrence. You will join a family of hundreds of staff members who have gone before you since 1959. Here we will answer many of the questions that people have about working at Camp, give you some contact information and at the bottom of this page some links where you can download necessary application forms.


What staff positions are available at Camp?


camp lawrence staffA Camp Lawrence counselor is responsible for the safety and well-being of of the campers. The camper comes first, last and only. The campers are the reason we are here. The counselor is responsible for rising daily with the campers and making sure they are on time for all activities. They must report to activities with their campers and assist the Activity Directors as needed. Counselors supervise cabin life and assign task to be carried out by the campers under their directions. They must make sure the campers are neat and clean, eat regularly and report to the nurse as needed. The counselor is responsible for the health, safety, well-being and happiness of each camper seeking aid from the proper sources when the need arises. Counselors may not exempt their selves from any activity the camper are involved in except with permission from the directors. The counselor must totally involve his or herself in all dimensions of camp as attitudes are caught, not taught. If this sounds like a lot, you are right! This is a lot. But, Camp is structured to make all of this happen. There are many people who support and work with you each hour of the day. It is hard work being a counselor but it is also one of the best things you will ever do in your life. Counselor is the normal entry level position at Camp.

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CIT (Counselor in Training)

A C.I.T. is at Camp learning what it is like to be a counselor. They attend all activities with their assigned groups and assist the activity directors and counselors as needed. A C.I.T. is not left alone in charge of a group of campers. Most C.I.Ts have been campers who having passed their 15th birthday apply to come back as a CIT.


Waterfront Instructors/Lifeguards

camp lawrence staffWorking under the direction of the Waterfront Director, these individuals are responsible for supervision over swimming, boating, fishing and any other waterfront activates. During the morning and afternoon activity sessions, they teach swim lessons to the campers. They are responsible for supervising recreational swim periods. In the evening, the waterfront staff assist with whatever evening activity is taking place. All waterfront personal must be Red Cross Certified.


Activity Directors: Arts and Crafts, Nature, Sports and Waterfront

The Activity Directors are responsible for planning and supervising activities in their activity for all of the camper groups each day. Besides planning for and supervising their own particular activity, they are responsible to assist the directors with the planning and executing of special camp events as well as accepting assigned duties such as K.P. Canteen work etc.

Waterfront Directory typically first serves at least one year as a life guard/instructor the other Activity Directors typically will have served as counselors for a year or more before applying for an activity staff position.


Camp Nurse

camp lawrence The nurse is responsible for the health and safety of each and every camper and staff member. This includes checking in each camper and reviewing their physical form. All medications are held and dispensed by the Camp Nurse. The camp nurse must have certain levels of education and certification for this position. Call the CYO office for details on the qualifications necessary for the Camp Nurse position.

2004 Camp Nurse "Ouch"



The Directors are responsible for the welfare of each camper and staff member and carry out those responsibilities through the abilities and training of the staff, as well as through the understanding and interpretation of the camp rules, philosophy and objectives set up for the program. The Directors are responsible for the hiring and training of the staff. As Directors, they have the final say on any decisions.


Camp Chaplin

camp lawrence chaplainThe Camp Chaplin works to insure the spiritual environment of Camp. This includes presiding at Mass twice a week, leading Morning Liturgy when his parish schedule permits, providing spiritual advise and council to staff members and assisting in other areas as asked by the Co-Directors.

Bishop Melczek at a Wednesday Camp Mass


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How do I apply for a position at Camp?

To apply for a position you can contact the CYO office at 219-736-8931.

Also, you can find the application forms needed on this website. You will need to complete the appropriate application form and submit it to the CYO office. Please note that the references are very important. We will review your application and submit to the State Police for a limited criminal background check. You will then be contacted in regards to a face to face interview by the directors.

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How are staff selected?

Camp has openings for up to eight female and eight male counselors. Additionally four Activity Staff members, Nurse, Waterfront Staff and C.I.Ts are hired. Each year, the Directors first review the potential returning staff to determine the new openings available. We are pleased to have a good rate of returning staff members. But, every year we need quality new staff as well.

The directors review the applications with the openings that exist in mind. Prior experience with Camp is a plus but by no means necessary or a guarantee. A love of and experience with working with children as well as leadership experience are needed. Solid recommendations by people who know you well are important.

After reviewing applications and recommendations, the directors have face to face interviews. These are very important in determining if a person really has the right fit for Camp.

A limited criminal background check is made of all applicants. This is primarily done to assure the safety of our children from sexual predators. We do not receive detailed information (i.e. traffic tickets) that would not be relevant to hiring purposes.

A Camp Lawrence Staff Member needs:

  • Good Moral Character and Integrity
  • Good Health and Vitality
  • Emotional Maturity
  • To Enjoy Outdoor living
  • To Like working and being with Children
  • To Be able to place the needs of the Children ahead of oneself
  • The Ability to work as part of a group
  • A Desire to contribute to the success of Camp

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What kind of training will I receive?

Now that you have a job at Camp your next question is: How will I know what to do?

Don't worry. All of the staff show up a week before any of the kids for Staff training week. During this week you will engage in a variety of activities to build up a bond with your fellow staff members, learn the duties of the staff, get into the routine of Camp Life and absorb the experience of previous staff members. You will cover the Staff Manuel which gives instructions on how to do your job and deal with many of the situations that can or may occur over the summer. Also there will be role playing activities to explore Camp life and discussion time.

Also, you will take a few hours to participate in what is known as VIRTUS training. VIRTUS is a program to inform and prepare people who work with youth about the difficult topic of Child Sexual Abuse. The program is a combination of Video presentation and discussion. You are then asked to follow up with online reading/worksheets. The Catholic Church requires all employees and volunteers who have substantial contact with minors and individuals at risk to participate in VIRTUS or similar programs. In this program you will learn the signs to watch for, ways to protect children and ways to protect yourself.

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Where is Camp Lawrence?

Camp Lawrence is five miles north of Valparaiso Indiana off of county road 700 North. Camp can be easily reached off of the Indiana Toll Road or I 94. For a map CLICK HERE.

Camp Lawrence is owned by the Diocese of Gary Indiana. We have about 150 acres of property with two lakes, woods, fields, cabins, gym, dining hall and other facilities.

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Where do the staff live?

The counselors and CITs live in the cabins. Each section of the cabin has two cubby holes. These are small rooms to give the counselors some privacy. The directors and activity staff live in the Staff House across from the cabins. On evenings off, counselors and CITs can come over to the Staff House to relax.

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What about time off?

As required by the American Camp Association, all staff members receive 24 hours off each week. The 24 hours start on Saturday at noon, and run through to Sunday at noon when the Sunday staff meeting starts. Additionally, each staff member is given two "nights" off each week. The night off starts after the campers are in bed and ends at the 11:30 p.m. curfew.

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What is the pay?

All staff members receive room, board and the necessary supplies for their job in addition to a weekly stipend based in part on the number of years experience as a staff member at Camp Lawrence.

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Are you ready to apply to work at Camp? Below are links to the forms you need.

Application Application Health Form
Counselor in Training PDF Counselor or Life Guard PDF Staff Health Exam - if hired you must bring to training week
Counselor in Training MS Word Counselor or Life Guard MS Word  
Returning Staff    

You may also contact the CYO office at 219-736-8931 for these forms or for further information.


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